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Dental Practice Lawyer Oklahoma | Bruner Law

Dental Practice Lawyer Oklahoma 

It is extremely important for anyone who is running or starting a new dental practice that you ensure you are in compliance with all relevant laws to prevent legal issues down the road. A dental practice lawyer can help structure your practice in a manner that will help avoid problems and can assist you have any problems do you happen to arise.  


Dental Practice Lawyer Oklahoma Consumer Law Help 

Just like any business that is based off of customers, dentist must comply with all FTC requirements for advertising, product quality and other consumer issues. However, there are specific medical consumer law that must be applied for this professional field. Those specific consumer laws are the following: 

Consent – every time he dental physician performs a procedure on a patient for the first time, they first need to obtain informed consent. Every state has certain requirements for what constitutes informed consent, but generally any informed consent discussion should include information about: 

  • The nature of the proposed treatment, including necessity, probable prognosis, procedure length, recovery time and cost 
  • Any commonly excepted viable alternatives, including specialty treatments and the likely consequences of choosing no treatment 
  • And finally, a disclosure of any foreseeable risk of the proposed procedure 

As well as offering the informed consent information, a dentist must be sure to answer any questions and then get an informed consent form signed. Consent is implied if the patient is made aware that a recurring procedure will be occurring, such as cleaning every time they come in to a dentist, but these requirements vary based on state law. If you are not sure of the requirements of Oklahoma, contact a dental practice lawyer Oklahoma for more information on the state law.  

Dental Patient Rights – if you are a member of an association or state licensing board who has a set patient rights statement, you are held to its tenets as a matter of consumer law. Violation of such will leave you open to sanctions and lawsuits. Most rights statements consist of standards based on reporting, records and care.  

HIPAA – The health insurance portability and accountability act set the standard for protecting sensitive patient information. As one conducting a dental practice, your patient records are subject to HIPAA, which means that any physical or digital records must be protected with proper safeguards. Records of and information regarding to patient diagnosis and treatment must be kept strictly confidential except when given written permission to disclose that information to others such as an insurance provider. For information on how to properly protect your information of your patients, contact a dental practice lawyer Oklahoma.  

Dental Malpractice and Clinical Negligence – when a dentist is determined to have failed in following the generally excepted standard of care for treating a patient, they can face a dental malpractice lawsuit. Typically, malpractice lawsuits follow nerve injuries, failure to diagnose oral cancer or periodontal disease, and unnecessary or wrongful tooth extraction is done. Clinical negligence lawsuit can be costly and complicated cases to resolve. If you may be facing a dental malpractice suit, it may be extremely important to consult a dental practice lawyer Oklahoma immediately. However, payouts should ultimately be covered by malpractice insurance. For more information on malpractice insurance, contact a dental practice lawyer Oklahoma. 


Agreement Help from A Dental Practice Lawyer Oklahoma 

A dental practice lawyer Oklahoma can help with a variety of different types of agreements that need to be written up. The main two kinds of agreement that they may help you with are the following: 

Associate Agreement – many dentists who join a dental practice join as an associate in their early careers. These associates join by means of an associate agreement, that can dictate not only their future earning potential and career path, but may also have greater legal implications. One should carefully assess the merits of these offers and scrutinize for any limiting clauses, such as transfer of ownership of patient charts, non-solicitation provisions and non-compete clauses. If you are not sure of potential legal implications of an offer associate agreement, it is best to discuss that contract with a dental practice lawyer Oklahoma. 

Practice Buy-ins and Partnership Agreements – when one is offered a chance to buy into a practice or to be made partner, it can be very tempting to except right away. However, it is important to know exactly what you were getting into before signing. Partner agreements can dictate your tax burden, legal liability, management responsibilities and many other factors of your business partnership. It’s important not to sign such a document unless you are sure that all the legal consequences are in your best interest. To do so, it is best to review that contract with a dental practice lawyer Oklahoma. 


Dental Practice Help from a Dental Practice Lawyer Oklahoma 

There are many legal issues that one who runs a dental practice will face throughout their career. The legal issues especially arise if you decide to start running your own business. These range from incorporation to supplier contracts, employee law, and much more. If you happen to be concerned about legal liability of your practice, it would be best to discuss options that you will have with an experienced dental practice lawyer Oklahoma. 


Best Dental Practice Lawyer Oklahoma Dental Practice Lawyer Oklahoma 

Bruner Law is a law practice ran by Jennifer A. Bruner. Jennifer has been recognized as a Rising Star by Oklahoma Super Lawyers® and was listed in Covington Who’s Who for Executives and Professionals. In addition, she is a board member for the Oklahoma Bar Association High School Mock Trial Committee and a former board member of the Oklahoma County Bar Association Young Lawyers Division. Jennifer is motivated by the breadth of services provided by her firm and the unique challenges and learning opportunities that each legal matter provides. Jennifer takes great pride in helping people from all walks of life to overcome hurdles, while giving her clients the peace of mind that comes from having a knowledgeable, dedicated attorney. 

Jennifer is a very accomplished Business Lawyer, who specializes in Acquisitions and Professional Transitions which makes her a great option for any dental practice. For more information on Jennifer’s services as a dental practice lawyer Oklahoma, contact her here. 


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