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OKC business lawyer

Knowledge and advice for businesses and professionals that desire to buy or sell a business. When you acquire or start a business, you will need assistance with forming an entity, drafting of contracts, review of Seller’s existing contracts and records. Many options are available to the Buyer and Seller regarding how to structure the acquisition, partnership, asset purchase, share purchase, or other arrangements. Advice from experienced legal counsel is critical to protect the Seller who is transitioning into retirement or the next phase of his or her career, but also to protect the Buyer who is making a big investment in his or her future. Professional, sound legal advice will give peace of mind to the Seller and the Buyer. In particular, I have experience in working with dentists, medical and other professionals who have sold, merged or purchased a business. Part of which involves making sure that you have access to the other professionals, advisors or specialists that you need for the sale to go smoothly or to assist you in the early stages of your new business. I continue to work with you after the sale or purchase with any legal needs that may develop, such as dissolution of your corporation, or review or creation of Employee handbooks, policies or procedures, or resolution of employment law claims.

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OKC business lawyer

Over the life of your business, you will have many opportunities but may also face many challenges. It’s our mission to meet the specific needs of each client by providing specific legal skill and sound advice to enable clients to exercise their best business judgment. Establishing a strategic partnership with this Law Firm enables my clients to be proactive, draft strong contracts to protect their interests and assets, and to obtain advice and guidance whenever a legal issue arises. As things change in your business, we will review and modify policies and procedures, negotiate contracts, evaluate corporate structure, bylaws or operating agreements and help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of your business, large or small.


OKC business laywer

When a conflict reaches a stalemate, or when you have suffered real damages for which someone else is liable, or when you need our Court system to obtain relief, litigation may be necessary. In some cases, being proactive and seeking legal advice early on, can bring about a resolution without having to file suit. In every situation, I strive to provide an independent, critical analysis of your situation and to advise you of the available options so that you can make the best decision for yourself and/or your business. If the opposing party has already filed suit, or if you have received a demand letter, summons or petition from the opposing part or an attorney, it is imperative that you act quickly to protect your interests. As a result, your initial consult with my Firm is always free of charge. I will listen to your side of the story, review any materials available, and discuss with you the options on how to proceed, which may include recommending that you consult with another professional or an attorney who specializes in the legal issue that you are facing. I have been practicing law for fifteen years and have experience in not only pursuing clients’ claims but also in defending clients’ interests. I have worked with large and small business owners, employees, and represented a variety of clients in civil litigation involving breach of contract, negligence, personal injury, real estate, construction, condemnation, and employment matters, for example. As a result, I have the ability to analyze your case, legal issue or transition from a variety of perspectives to ensure your specific needs are met. There are many reasons for litigation, but our focus is advocating for you throughout the case, presenting your case to a jury or negotiating a resolution that is in your best interests. Call Jennifer today. Your OKC business lawyer!

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