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Jennifer A. Bruner, Attorney at Law, PC, offers legal counsel regarding many aspects of real estate, including purchase transactions and review or negotiation of lease agreements.


Real estate law involves buying, selling, leasing, or using commercial or residential real property or land. Contact our Firm for help understanding and negotiating the terms of your purchase agreement, commercial or residential lease agreement, or option to purchase. Real estate law and the responsibilities and liabilities that come with ownership or tenancy impact landlords, renters, buyers, and sellers.

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Real Estate Issues We Resolve

Our Firm can assist with your real estate agreement needs – negotiations, review, and drafting.

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Real Estate Law often includes some recurring issues that we can help clients with:

  • Contracts: The terms of the purchase agreement or lease agreement establish your rights. Contact our Firm for review, drafting, or revisions.
  • Lease Agreements: A consult can help you understand the obligations in your lease, including insurance, renewal options, termination, and notices that must be given.
  • Breach of Purchase Agreement or Lease: A consult with a legal advisor can enable you to give timely notice, make a demand, or take appropriate action whenever a breach occurs.

No matter the issue or question, contact our team at Jennifer A. Bruner, Attorney at Law, PC for help today. Our firm brings expertise and dedication to your real estate case to efficiently solve the problem. Contact us today for more information on hiring our firm so you can have a stress-free and effective real estate case.

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