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Oklahoma City Acquisitions Lawyer

Acquisitions and Professional Transitions

We assist in all aspects of selling, buying, and merging businesses. Legal advice services and guidance will be provided with respect to whether to do an asset purchase or a share purchase, selling of real estate, or whether to form a partnership or joint venture. Assistance with the lease, purchase or sale of commercial real estate can enable you to avoid commissions. Your contracts will take into account the transfer of goodwill, employment law concerns, restrictive covenants, prorating of expenses up to closing, conditions to closing and the warranties and covenants to be made for the protection of Buyer and Seller. Purchase price allocations and tax concerns will be addressed with input from your accountant or financial advisors. Careful review of liability, existing contracts and any employment agreements will be conducted to determine which liabilities could or should remain with Seller or be assumed by the Buyer. Your intellectual property interests; for example – patents, copyrights, trademarks, websites, trade names, and domain names – will be protected or transferred. Insurance coverage and liability exposure, before and after the closing, are evaluated.  Together, we will work our way through the process of selling or buying a business, with discussion and explanation of the contract language at each step to endure that your questions are answered.  And we will continue to provide legal advice

Dispute Resolution and Civil Litigation

Establishing a relationship with an experienced lawyer that will advocate for you and help you be proactive in the event of a dispute is crucial. Any early call to your legal counsel can enable you to avoid costly litigation later. Dispute resolution includes negotiation, putting the opposing party on notice of the dispute, and demanding payment or indemnification. In many instances being proactive early on in a dispute can enable you to utilize mediation or arbitration, to resolve disputes. Being proactive for many clients and businesses, includes the establishment of sound policies and procedures, drafting solid contracts and thorough documentation whenever an issue arises. With our assistance you can be proactive and protect your company and your personal assets. You can utilize our Firm as a general counsel, to be contacted whenever a question or situation arises. As general counsel, we will reach out to you when there are changes in the law or when it is time to update or review policies and procedures. No matter what your legal issue needs are, we will provide the services that you need or refer you to a consultant, advisor, or an attorney with expertise to meet your needs. Often, an early call to our Firm can enable you to document the situation or retain evidence that may be the important should a lawsuit be filed. We strive to put you and/or your business in the best position possible to protect and pursue either or both of your claims or defenses. If the need to prosecute or defend a lawsuit should arise, we will work with you to evaluate your claims and defenses, to create a strategy or to make a good business decision about early settlement. In every situation we will keep your best interests in mind, and work toward a timely resolution, settlement or trial. Keep in mind, if you are served with a lawsuit the time to act and respond is limited so having an established relationship with our Firm will enable you to get off to the right start. Call Jennifer now for legal advice services.

Legal Issues We Can Handle For You or Your Business

  • contract enforcement
  • breach of contract
  • construction
  • condemnation
  • lien foreclosure
  • disputes between business owners
  • disputes between companies and employees
  • negligence
  • personal injury
  • prosecuting, defending and appeals
  • unemployment of wage claims
  • EEOC claims
  • internal investigation of employee claims
  • litigation – pursuing your claims or defending your interests
  • contract drafting
  • lease agreement – drafting or review
  • non-compete agreement – drafting or review
  • employment or independent contractor agreements
  • asset purchases & acquisitions
  • professional practice transition
  • contract drafting and review
  • employee Handbooks, drafting or review
  • policies and procedures, drafting or review
  • real estate purchase or sale

  • organization of an entity
  • asset purchases & acquisitions
  • contract drafting and review
  • disputes between owners
  • dissolutions
  • policies and procedures – preparation or review
  • property acquisition or sales
  • partnership agreement
  • research of your legal questions and advice regarding same agreements
  • preparation of demand letters
  • professional practice transition

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