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Oklahoma City Civil Litigations Lawyer

Jennifer A. Bruner, Attorney at Law is your number one resource for all things business legal! We offer personalized service and compassionate advice to help you navigate the complex world of business law with ease so that it doesn’t hold back growth in any way possible.


Plus we’re always available when our clients need us most by making sure they have access, through email or phone calls around the clock. We offer custom Oklahoma City civil litigations lawyer services for those who are looking to clarify the best path forward in their company’s complex world of laws and contracts.


How An Oklahoma City Civil Litigation Lawyer Can Help You

Civil Litigations Lawyer in Oklahoma CityWe will help you assess any current issues while navigating & avoiding future conflicts so that her trustworthy partnership can lead your way through all things commercial-related- even if it means negotiating or litigating claims against others when necessary.


When you’re ready for a merger, we can help walk through all of it step by careful motion so that things go smoothly and without error or confusion on either side!


When you are considering signing a contract with someone, it’s important to have an experienced attorney review the terms and conditions.


As an Oklahoma City civil litigations lawyer, we can help prepare your contracts for maximum validity by guiding what is best practice when drafting them so that they’re clear about who will be bound by each provision as well as avoid any pitfalls before committing yourself to one solid document!


Our team is here to guide you through the start-up process, answering all of your questions and providing a clear path forward for starting an entity.


We assist our clients with insights into important decisions like hiring employees or contractors as well as drafting policies & procedures that will be useful over time in running their businesses effectively – not just at launch but long after they’ve been established.


If you’re running a business, there’s always the chance that some sort of controversy or dispute could arise. You might not need to go through with litigation if an attorney is helping guide your decisions and developing strategies for disputes before they become major issues.


Under the radar, real estate law impacts everyone. Whether you’re a landlord or tenant in need of advice on your lease agreement.


Civil Litigation Lawyer Services in Oklahoma City

  • Entity Organization
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Real Estate Law
  • Acquisitions
  • Mergers
  • Contract Law


Oklahoma City Civil Litigation Experts

Our goal has always been to see you thrive and be a part of the journey as we help guide your company forward toward its dream state, whatever that looks like for each client! Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve the success that your business deserves. We have resources and services available, so contact us today!


Our practice focuses on helping local businesses navigate the legal system. We offer our clients a wide range of services, from managing their internal issues to providing advice about what they should do if faced with an external problem or challenge – all while building up strong relationships so that you can feel confident knowing your civil litigations lawyer in Oklahoma City will be there for any future matters as well!